The Rule of God - Shepherd-Bishop Rule

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Unscriptural manmade terms, many of which are titles only God Himself would wear! In fact most of these terms are outright blasphemous for a man to wear! C: Various terms used by denominations today. Each of the four sets of terms refer to the same greek word. The Bible pattern for elders is absolutely foreign to most denominations as they rely heavily upon human creeds to set standards.

Some believers go beyond the organization God provided for in the New Testament by making it more complex than it is. This is seen in the organization of the Roman Catholics and many protestant churches. Some believers reject that there is a formal office of overseer. They view him as being on the same authority level as the rest of the Christians in the local church.

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This is false. The Baptist church, for example, admits in their official creed book The Hiscox Standard Baptist Manual , that new offices not found in scripture have been added long after the Bible was written:. There is a pattern in the Bible where two or more men serve as elders. Never do you find a church with only one elder appointed.

Work of an Elder

Presbytery: Plural use of "elder" [Gr. The Antiochian tradition also uses the style metropolitan archbishop to differentiate from metropolitan bishops in the Greek tradition. In the Greek tradition, all diocesan bishops of autocephalous churches such as the Church of Greece the bishop of Patras being Metropolitan are now metropolitans, and an archbishop holds his title as an indication of greater importance for whatever reason.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America is the notable exception in the Greek practice where diocesan bishops carry the title of metropolitan. In other churches under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate such as the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia the ruling bishop is the archbishop while the other bishops are auxiliary bishops with titles of the ancient sees. A bishop who does not rule his own diocese is either a Patriarchal Vicar or an Auxiliary Bishop. In the Church of Antioch, a bishop who is in charge of a newly-created diocese on behalf of, and under the supervision of, the Patriarch of Antioch is called a Patriarchal Vicar.

The diocese is usually kept under the direct control of the patriarch until it becomes self-supporting. When a diocese becomes self-supporting, it is usually granted a ruling bishop who becomes a member of the Holy Synod The equivalent title in some Orthodox jurisdictions is Exarch. Most Orthodox Churches allow themselves the capacity to appoint auxiliary bishops to assist ruling bishops within their own dioceses or archdioceses.

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Auxiliary bishops do not govern in their own right but only act as directed by their diocesan bishop. Bishops who are assigned a title of ancient dioceses that no longer function are called titular bishops. However, generally, titular bishops are auxiliary bishops. The bishop wears a monastic garment called a mantiya when he arrives at a divine service.

Unlike the typical monastic mantiya, which is black, that of the bishop is some other color, purple for bishops and Greek metropolitans, blue for archbishops and non-Greek metropolitans, and green for a patriarch, and upon it are sewn the Tables of the Law, square patches at the neck and feet, characterizing the Old and New Covenants.

In the slavonic traditions, a ruling bishop is usually liturgically vested in the center of his church. In the Greek traditions, bishops are often vested at the altar.

AOSC 2017 - How to be a Good Shepherd – Bishop Edwin Ogoe

In the Antiochian tradition, the bishop usually vests in the sanctuary. Liturgically, except for the phelonion and the nabedrennik, a bishop wears all the vestments of a priest. Over the saccos, the bishop wears a wide shoulder covering called the omophorion. It hangs down in front and back, and symbolizes the wandering sheep which Christ took upon his shoulders as the Good Shepherd. In ancient times, was made of sheepskin. At other times at services, the bishop may wear a shorter omophorion that has both ends hanging down the front called the small omophorion.

The bishop wears a richly embroidered crown, called a mitre.


This is to represent the power conferred upon a minister of the Church. The Jewish mixture of water to wine was on a ratio of three parts water to one part wine. The apparent criticism of mixed wine in lsa. The wine loses its identity because of the addition of too much water. This argument falsely assumes that all wine is intoxicating. Those who abstained from wine cf.

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John the Baptist, Lk. This even included grape juice and dried grapes Num. An elder should not become physically violent in his relationships with other people. Perhaps Paul is referring to fights resulting from the consumption of intoxicating drinks. Intoxicating drinks as well as uncontrolled emotions can result in physical violence. An elder must be in control of both. An elder should be gentle — Instead of resorting to physical violence, an elder should be gentle and yielding GR.

Paul uses this word to describe the gentle nature that every servant of the Lord should have 2 Tim. An elder must be gentle, kind, yielding, and moderate. This is another term emphasizing the need for self-control. An elder must not be contentious — An elder should be disinclined to fight and quarrel Gk.

The Mission of the Order

This word literally means without battle. One way to understand the meaning of this word is to examine its opposite. The Greek noun macho has the meaning of quarrels, disputes, fighting. The verb form of this word is used in the following verse. Note the discussion of gentle under B above. Many Jews were contentious and quarrelsome about certain theories they had developed concerning the law. Paul told Timothy not to engage in these quarrels with the Jews Titus ; cf.

A Benedictine Way of Life

James ; John Some people would rather argue and fight about religion than to know the truth. An elder should not have a quarrelsome disposition. One can contend for the faith Jude 3 without being contentious. The contentious spirit is a great obstacle to unity and growth in many churches today. This attitude is especially destructive when found among elders.

An elder must not be greedy — An elder must not be a lover of money ophilarguros.

This word occurs only here and in Heb. There are two other words similar to ophilarguros that occur in the New Testament. All of the words in this group denote an intense fondness for money, avarice, or miserliness. An elder must not have a miserly desire to gain and hoard wealth. This may be one of the most neglected qualifications today. He will also be an obstacle to developing a program of sacrificial giving in the church.

Money is a form of energy that makes it possible to get things done. As a result, a miserly church will have a miserly program of work. Elders should be examples of generosity in the church.

The Rule of God: Shepherd / Bishop Rule - Randy Shankle - Google Books

Paul said the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. An elder who is miserly will, be critical of those who attempt to teach the truth about giving. Paul is not saying that elders should not be concerned about financial matters. Paul even defended the fight of an elder to receive financial renumeration for his services 1 Tim.