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Retrieved 28 February London, England: Hermes House. Volume 4. Paris: Jean-Baptiste Bauche.

Senegal Parrot | Seneca Park Zoo

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International Ornithologists' Union. Retrieved 4 April Parrots - A Guide to the Parrots of the World. London, England: Christopher Helm. Archived from the original on 1 June Retrieved 28 August Subfamily : Psittacinae. Grey parrot supporting pages: Alex parrot N'kisi Timneh parrot.

The Senegal Parrot

Namespaces Article Talk. They have a relatively large head and beak for their overall size, and feathers form a short broad tail. Young Juveniles have dark grey, almost black, irises, which change to light grey. BREEDING Senegal parrots are relatively easy to breed in captivity and there is a small industry in breeding and hand rearing Senegal parrots and other parrots for the pet trade. In aviculture Senegal parrots can start to breed at the age of 3 to 4 years in captivity, but some do not breed until age 5 years.

Parent reared birds are known to breed as early as 2 years of age. An exit and entrance port about 2. Nest boxes generally have a secure side door for inspecting the nest. DIET Diet should consist of a quality small parrot mix some are listed below , supplemented with various fruits, green foods, millet spray, and occasionally some mealworms. Senegal parrot Senegal owners find their birds to be smart, loving as well as strong-minded! This parrot thinks that at some point it will grow up into a human being. How do we differentiate between wild-caught and captive-bred birds?

Huge numbers of wild-caught Senegal parrots were exported to Europe and United States. City Parrots.

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Portrait of a rose-ringed parakeet. Distributed across the entire Sahel they have one of the widest distributional ranges of any parrot in Africa. These successful, aggressive generalists have managed to establish themselves in many large cities in Africa and Europe.

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Skins of the six Poicephalus parrots comprising the P. These are the quintessential African parrots best evolved for life on this harsh continent. Most of your contact with Senegal parrots in West Africa will be in the markets. Ralitza Tchiorniy Sequence of a captive Meyer's parrot flying to a perch in a studio.

How to Know if a Senegal Parrot Is Right for You

These tough little parrots have the largest distributional range of any African parrot and have been put forward as the ancestral species for the subregion. When they are this young, you are able to climb up into the tree with them. They are very inquisitive. These are most often the capture sites for hundreds upon hundreds of these parrots using nylon snares and fishing nets. Brown-headed parrots with broken wings trying to survive in a market in Mozambique. Many die in transit of stress, dehydration and smothering. Captive Senegal parrot posing for the photographer.

They form amazing bonds with their human companions These parrots are threatened by habitat loss and the wild-caught bird trade.

Care & Feeding

Why do we continue to put pressure on wild populations? Why do we still remove over , African grey parrots from the wild each year? Why did South Africa import over 5, wild-caught African grey parrots when we exported almost 25, in the same year? These popular parrots are easily bred in captivity without any use of wild-caught parrots. We are unsure of how these parrots are doing in the wild? Are clear color morphs not an option for the regulation of the wild-caught bird trade?

Senegal parrot

Disallow ownership of birds that look like their wild cousins? Escapees have established a growing population on South African south coast using Cape weaver nests for breeding. Steve Boyes. Steve Boyes has dedicated his life to conserving Africa's wilderness areas and the species that depend upon them. His work takes him all over Africa, but his day-to-day activities are committed to South Africa's endemic and Critically Endangered Cape Parrot Poicephalus robustus.