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Build your knowledge. Grow your Business. B2B Digital Marketing. What is B2i marketing and how can it help you make your marketing smarter? Cultivate empathy. Emphasize relevance. Anticipate all discovery paths. Prepare for the future. Thanks to Naveen Rajdev for sharing their advice and opinions in this post. Naveen manages the global marketing team, which implements all brand initiatives.

The views expressed in this article are his own. By Expert commentator This is a post we've invited from a digital marketing specialist who has agreed to share their expertise, opinions and case studies. Start the discussion on our community and social networks. Turbocharge your results with our Business-to-business marketing Toolkit. This toolkit contains 9 resources Digital strategy guide Digital strategy template toolkit Free online marketing planning template Learn more about the Business-to-business marketing toolkit.

Get FREE marketing planning templates. Start your Digital Marketing Plan today with our Free membership. Get FREE templates. Need help with your B2B Digital Marketing? Get more from your digital marketing with in-company or remote training and consultancy from Smart Insights Training Consultancy Digital Marketing Library. Solutions to your marketing challenges. Most popular articles. View all articles. Every audience is different, but if you don't have access to formal mobile testing or data on your users, planning around these dimensions are a good starting point.

If you're targeting a younger audience, make sure to utilize video in your mobile marketing. Mobile optimization is more than just visual. Speed always plays a large role. We've reached a point where the "phone" part of a smartphone is just a feature and not the primary function, which is good news for brands that use inbound marketing as their primary strategy. Want to Contribute Content to impactbnd. Click Here. Video Marketing. By Shandia Drummond-Butt on August 25th, By Iris Hearn on June 18th, Mobile Marketing. By Kaitlyn Petro on October 29th, Website Design. By Christine Austin on September 10th, Mobile Optimization.

By Joe Rinaldi on April 14th, By Angela Myrtetus on July 18th, By Kwaku Awuah on September 28th, Just for Fun. By Ramona Sukhraj on November 15th, Social Media Marketing. By Ramona Sukhraj on October 11th, By Connor DeLaney on October 5th, Lead Generation.

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By Jen Barrell on September 14th, By Rachel Palmateer on August 18th, By Shandia Drummond-Butt on July 14th, By Megan Lang on July 7th, By Iris Hearn on June 26th, Privacy Policy Trademarks. Are you reading this on a mobile device? Rather watch? This video contains five of our favorites. Mobiforge This is pretty cut-and-dry.

mobile marketing for businesses and individuals Manual

MarketingLand But at the same time By , American adults are expected to spend on average 3 hours and 23 minutes on nonvoice mobile media. Smart Insights With so many cell phone services giving away free smartphones with their contracts, this number is only going to keep increasing -- which is good news for companies with a mobile marketing strategy.

Smart Insights This is why you want to produce valuable content that makes it easy for your buyer persona to find you online. NetMarketShare Google doesn't just dominate search on desktop, but mobile as well. Smart Insights Consumers want to consume media through an app.

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Smart Insights This is why you want to produce valuable content to make your brand the authority in your niche. Some social media channels — like Instagram — are designed to be most effective on mobile devices, so do your research as to what content has high levels of engagement on these platforms. An integral part of any marketing strategy includes calls-to-action CTAs throughout your content.

These short bursts of information invite a viewer to make the next logical step in a way that feels natural, pulling them further into your online sales funnel.

5 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch

For example, make sure that any link to connect with your brand can be clicked on, prompting an email box to open, or a phone call to begin. In an above example of best-in-class mobile marketing strategies, we discussed how Ford enabled texting capabilities to connect with audiences and increase their conversion rates. For example, users can share their contact information with your brand online and be signed-up to receive mobile notifications when your brand has a sale or promotion for a limited time only. In addition, brands can create coupons and codes that are mobile-friendly for quick customer access.

Many major brands actively take advantage of this option, creating mobile barcodes that can be scanned at the point-of-purchase to access discounts. In the same way that links contained in your CTAs on web pages and other forms of marketing content should be clickable and interactive, so should the links contained within email marketing content.

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Whether they connect to a phone call for a free consultation or a landing page designed to be high-converting, mobile-friendly email marketing should be a priority in any mobile marketing strategy. In fact, according to Global Web Index , it is predicted that mobile usage will soon exceed the use of all other types of devices combined this year. To make it in the digital market, your brand must have a mobile marketing strategy to be successful.

With individuals checking their smartphones and mobile devices anywhere between to times each day , your business's marketing process will be brought to the next-level when you focus on delivering high-quality mobile marketing materials. Of course, like any other marketing process, you should constantly be conducting market research, redesigning your marketing materials, and optimizing your sales funnel.

By staying on top of the latest mobile marketing strategy innovations, your brand can begin to generate new leads, increase conversion rates, and help your business thrive.