La farfalla dalle ali di cristallo (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)

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Journal of Italian Translation - Napoli Popular Culture Bibliography

They watch several TV programs, including quiz and reality shows, and naturally TV news. They listen to the news in order to improve their Italian but also to keep informed on what is happening around them and to understand the Italian way of life. They believe everything the TV says. So when they heard that on May 11 there might be a major earthquake that could destroy the eternal city, they started planning their first vacation away from the bar and their first trip out of Rome since two months ago. Ma dove andiamo?

Dalla famiglia dello zio Gao. Pan Na Na non si era tranquillizzata affatto. Avere un posto dove fuggire non la faceva sentire lontana dal pericolo. Ha cambiato ben sette numeri di cellulare prima di essere soddisfatta della numerazione giusta per lei. Ha letto molti libri quando ancora viveva in Cina e a terrorizzarla maggiormente nella storia del terremoto era stata proprio la data: 11 maggio But where can we go?

Her head quivered and she looked pale after listening to the news on Sky. Concealing his own panic, Wen Sen Zuo took her by hand and calmed her down immediately as if he were an angel. He lives near the city, in the countryside. The prophecy made by Raffaele Bendandi seemed so real to her. Pan Na Na believes in all kinds of superstition, premonitions, and magical revelations she is told because she is afraid of dying and hopes to shield herself by interpreting signs in nature and studying numerology.

She changed her cell phone number seven times before finally being satisfied that she had with the right numerals.

Sol Lewitt e Mimmo Paladino PDF Kindle - NatRonasedr

She was looking for a sequence with a marked presence of eight, which is the number of wealth and immortality. She even objected to the numbers on the car plate and on the landing of their apartment, although in those cases there was no choice. She had to resign herself and get used to the absence of eight from the car plate and the impracticality of finding an eight-story building in Esquilino. Pan Na Na is passionate about numerology. She read many books back in China, and what terrorized her most in the history of earthquakes was the exact date of May 11, In her youth, when she had time to read, she used to apply herself to the study of the number 11, which is a master number full of meanings in numerology.

When she heard that Rome could be razed to the ground on May 11, she almost fainted. She Journal of Italian Translation in Giappone. Molti suoi connazionali la pensano come lei e si soffermano a leggere il significato dei numeri. Ha infilato tutti i soldi risparmiati mese dopo mese in cartoni di cornetti e brioche surgelate e cestini di pane per tramezzini destinati al bar e li ha fatti posizionare nel portabagagli da Wen Sen Zuo.

Ognuno ha lasciato un diverso cartello: chiuso per ferie, chiuso per inventario, chiuso per lavori.

La Farfalla Dalle Ali Di Cristallo By Veronica Esposito

Noi siamo proprio gli ultimi. E se il terremoto anticipa di qualche ora e arriva mentre siamo in viaggio? Perderemo tutto e moriremo… La natura comanda, guida e regola le nostre esistenze, ma io voglio vivere ancora!!! Many of her countrymen thought as she did and started to interpret the meaning of the numbers. Although Pan Na Na is proud of herself for being an active, independent, and competitive career woman, she is plagued by many anxieties that have been amplified in Rome in spite of her better living conditions.

She never uses the subway for fear of terrorist attacks, never goes out without her husband for fear of being raped, and never leaves the daily profits in the bar for fear of thieves. She put all the money that had been saved for months into boxes of frozen croissants and small baskets of sandwich bread for the bar, and then had Wen Sen Zuo place them in the trunk of their car. A few days earlier, she consulted relatives and neighbors of their bar in Esquilino, where her brother and cousin had a store as well. All agreeing that none of them would leave any of their belongings behind, she even decided to take flight with the TV set.

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When the car was ready for their departure, Pan Na Na burst into tears. Everyone left a different notice: closed for vacation, closed for inventory, closed for renovation.

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  7. We really are the last. Old Dong was right. But I still want to live!!! Do you know how it is in Italy? Xia Yang, the restaurant lady, told me about it. Wen Sen Zuo si lascia contagiare dalla paura e non riesce a tranquillizzarla, ma la invita a salire in macchina con un gesto del capo.

    I due finalmente si mettono in viaggio, tesi e preoccupati, con il portabagagli pieno zeppo di brioche e tramezzini e il televisore che dondola sul sedile posteriore. Grazie al navigator arrivano presto e non sbagliano strada, ma sono gli ultimi a giungere dallo zio Gao. La psicosi ha allarmato tutti e zio Gao non ha saputo dire di no a nessuno, anche agli amici degli amici degli amici.

    Dove dormiremo? Rimane immobile al centro del salone con le parole di terrore della moglie che gli rimbombano nelle orecchie e il viavai di gente che intorno a lui va e viene dal giardino alla cucina e dal salotto al giardino. Her fear infects Wen Sen Zuo. Unable to calm her down, he gestures with his head for her to get into the car.

    Wasting no time, he decides to hit the road. No more sticking around. Finally, the husband and wife are on their way, tense and anxious. The trunk is filled with croissants and sandwiches, and the TV set rocks to and fro in the backseat.

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    6. Thanks to the GPS navigator, they arrive soon without losing their way. They are all Chinese, relatives and friends who work in Rome and in the surrounding areas. Some immigrated in the s, and others more recently.

      The psychosis alarmed everyone. Wen Sen Zuo no longer replies. He looks as if he is in a daze. Unable to bear too much chatter, she decides to go and rest in the car, leaving her husband behind in the hall, immobile like a mummy. Ora desidera soltanto stare sola almeno per una mezzoretta. Desidera arricchirsi e godere delle ricchezze in Italia e in Cina. Si immagina eterna, sempre giovane, distesa in un campo di fiori con un ruscello limpido di fianco che scorre costante e luccicante e le accarezza i piedi, guarda in su e sorride al sole e alla luna insieme.

      Il sogno si trasforma in incubo. Il quattro per il suo popolo simboleggia la morte. Viene raggiunta da questa pioggia anomala e rimane sommersa sotto un infinito numero di quattro che la immobilizza e la lascia senza respiro.

      Ha sentito e riconosciuto la voce della moglie nonostante il vociare del salone e il volume altissimo della televisione. Invece di tirare fuori la moglie dal suo incubo rimane pietrificato dalla scena che prende forma davanti ai suoi occhi increduli. Placed at the center of the big hall, the TV set is beautified with a big vase of colorful artificial flowers. Pan Na Na takes a quick glance at the screen and then looks the other way immediately, not paying a bit of attention to the flowers. Now her only desire is to be alone for at least half an hour.

      She walks swiftly toward the parking lot, opens the trunk of her BMW to let in air for the boxes of food, takes her seat in the front, and reclines it. Hugging her bulging purse on her lap, she closes her eyes. She tries to relax and dream about having no fears.

      Journal of Italian Translation - Napoli Popular Culture Bibliography

      She wishes to become rich and enjoy her wealth in Italy and in China. She imagines herself being eternal, ageless, and stretched out in a field of flowers beside a limpid creek that gushes faithfully and glitteringly as it caresses her feet. She looks upward and smiles at the sun and moon together. The bleating of baby goats reaches her from afar.

      An unknown feeling of peacefulness envelops her whole body. All of a sudden, she sees a rain composed of colossal numerals of four falling down from the sky. The dream becomes nightmarish. To her people, the number four signifies death. Hit by this peculiar rain, she is submerged by an infinite quantity of fours that immobilizes her and leaves her gasping for air. With nowhere to escape, death comes looking for her, and she is incapable of resisting it.

      She lets out a long and liberating shriek, something that she must have meant to do for days.